Sustainability Pledge

Dance music, community and collective joy have played their part in influencing some of the most impactful social movements for over 50 years. We wish to harness this legacy to inspire climate awareness and actions with our crowd, artists and partners.

In 2022 we donated £789 to Earth / Percent, helping to support the most impactful projects & organisations addressing the climate crisis around the world. We want to do more. So in 2023, £1 from each full festival ticket bought will be donated to Earth / Percent to continue efforts to address the climate crisis. Alongside this, Love International will make a climate donation based on our crew flights, Barbarella’s shuttle & artists travel emissions.

Team Love will be releasing an environmental report of their events at the end of the year, which includes Love International, where we will be sharing our findings from 2022 plus our thoughts and plans for the future.

EarthPercent is a charity founded by Brian Eno to unleash the power of music in service of the planet. Their mission is to give direct and meaningful support to those at the forefront of climate justice while reducing our impact on the planet —as an industry and as part of a global society.

If you’re interested in balancing your own travel to the festival, we can help make this happen – download the ecolibrium app and record your travels throughout the festival season!