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We are excited to announce that Love International 2022 is sold out.

Thanks to everyone who has bought a Love International ticket over the last 3 years. All full week tickets and group tickets are sold out but day tickets, barbs passes & boats are still on sale.

The RA resale platform is now live for anyone who can’t make it anymore or still wants to buy a full week ticket. Head to your RA account on

Boat party tickets are still available here. 

For the 2022 event we are working with EarthPercent to support the most impactful organisations addressing the climate emergency such as Client Earth. We have committed to balance our crew flights CO2 emissions and are inviting you on our journey towards better practices at music festivals. You can help balancing your emissions by selecting a donation from the ticket add-ons at the bottom of the ticket menu below.

Individual Barbarella’s Discotheque tickets are available at the bottom of the RA section below, scroll down.

If the ticket widget fails to load, please visit RA to purchase tickets